Throws King Charles III. (74) indirectly his younger brother Prince Andrew (63) from his luxury estate, the Royal Lodge in Windsor? If you believe a report in the British newspaper “The Sun”, this scenario could happen soon. The background: According to the report, the monarch wants to cancel an annual subsidy of around 280,000 euros for Andrew. An unspecified source confirmed this: “It looks like his brother wants to expel him.” The Duke of York has already been warned that the funds – which must be earmarked for the upkeep of the Royal Lodge – could be reduced or canceled as early as April.

Prince Andrew was shocked when he found out about these concrete plans, it said. He then explained to friends that he could no longer afford his current home. He himself assumes that he will be “evicted” from the 30-room property by September. His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson (63), lives in the Royal Lodge and is also affected by the royal measure. Like Andrew, she was “desperate” because the two were only informed about the cuts at short notice.

The cuts are part of a package of savings proposed by King Charles III. after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (96), to consolidate the royal finances. According to “The Sun”, the thrust seems to be clear: All working members of the royal family will continue to receive sufficient funds. Everyone else, including Princesses Eugenie (32) and Beatrice (34), will have to make savings. The insider clarified: “Charles doesn’t think he should pay for the upkeep of ponies pulling any carriages.”

When he took over the throne, Charles had taken up the cause of slimming down the British monarchy and ordered a comprehensive review of all expenses. Already in the last year there were increasing reports that non-working royals would have to tighten their belts in the future. The reason for this strategy is that the public no longer accepts it when the monarchy wastes money. That can no longer be explained to the people and no longer fits into today’s world.