For some time now, Kim Kardashian (43) has no longer been satisfied with her usual jobs as a reality star and lifestyle entrepreneur, but is now aiming to be at the top of the US film business. Last year, for example, she secured a role in the horror TV series “American Horror Story” and also a leading role in the comedy “The Fifth Wheel”. In the latter, Kardashian will not only appear as an actress, but also as a producer. In November 2023, the project was sold to Netflix after a high-profile bidding war.

As the magazine “Deadline” reports, the ex-wife of scandal rapper Kanye West (46) has now managed to get another deal with Netflix, in which she will probably only have a hand in the game as a producer. The project is a series called “Calabasas”, which adapts the book “If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous by Now” by author Via Bleidner. According to the report, the story revolves around a sheltered Catholic student who finds herself in unfamiliar celebrity territory when she transfers to Calabasas High.

In addition to Kardashian, the actress Emma Roberts (33, “American Horror Story”) and the author I. Marlene King (61) are also involved in the series project. The latter is the series creator of the cult series “Pretty Little Liars” and will also act as showrunner for the potential series “Calabasas”. Most of the Kardashian clan also resides in the eponymous Calabasas, a town just outside Los Angeles that is popular with wealthy super celebrities. Kim Kardashian is very familiar with life in this refuge of the beautiful and rich.