Longchamp celebrated the new autumn/winter collection, which has the motto “At the Races”, in a very special location: at the Longchamp racecourse in the heart of Paris, after which the fashion company is named. The guest list included stars and influencers from all over the world. From Germany, “Fack ju Göhte” star Gizem Emre (28), fashion blogger Livia Auer (28) and the 2016 “GNTM” winner, Kim Hnizdo (27), followed the invitation of Sophie Delafontaine, Creative Director at Longchamp .

Just a few days ago, Hnizdo turned heads in a daring touch of nothing at the amfAR gala in Venice. For the event in Paris, the 27-year-old wore a high-necked, checked one-piece in black and white. “The versatility of a model is presented this week in a very understandable way,” explains Hnizdo on the sidelines of the event. “From haute couture on the red carpet to timelessly chic, classy Paris looks.”

For the 27-year-old, fashion is also very important outside of her job. “For me it is generally an outlet for freedom for self-expression, autonomy, individuality.” She is “very grateful to be represented internationally as a model and to be constantly on the move. And the horse girl from before is of course particularly looking forward to today’s program,” enthuses the 27-year-old. The Hessian native still remembers her first job in the French capital well. “The first time I went to Paris for Fashion Week for work, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to work here.”

Gizem Emre’s first visit to Paris was also a while ago. “The first time I went to Paris was in 2015 with my cousin. We looked at the city and enjoyed the beautiful weather,” remembers the actress. The 28-year-old also wears a look from the traditional French brand. For Emre, fashion is above all versatile. “You can express yourself with it and tell stories. I think what you notice most about fashion is how times are changing and how much braver everyone is becoming.”

Unlike many of her fellow actresses, the 28-year-old doesn’t shy away from flashbulbs. “It’s part of it and usually it’s linked to a great project. For example, when I’m on the red carpet as an actress promoting a film, I enjoy it, yes. I’m proud of the work that goes into it and I want it share with the world,” explains Emre.

The Berlin native has 237,000 followers on Instagram. She is living the dream of many young girls. The actress advises all aspiring social media stars: “The key is to do what makes you happy. ‘Success’ is relative – you can define it yourself and it means something different for each person,” explains Emre.

Hnizdo also agrees. “I firmly believe that everyone should create the opportunity to be whoever and what they want. Dream big and work hard,” summarizes the “GNTM” winner.

“Do it for the right reasons,” adds Livia Auer. “Because you have a passion for something, you want to entertain or inspire people and because you simply enjoy it and would probably do it without social media. This is the healthiest and most sustainable way to become an influencer and is also noticeable in the content,” the 28-year-old is sure.

“I’ve turned my hobby (fashion) into a career. It’s always fascinating how good you feel in a perfectly fitting look with comfortable materials,” explains the successful blogger. Of course, the right accessories for the outfit should not be missing. When it comes to handbags, the classic folding bag “Le Pliage” is right at the forefront. Longchamp’s iconic bag is on trend this year. “It is timeless, elegant and practical,” says Auer in a nutshell.

The many international guests in the evening included actresses Megan Suri (24), Amita Suman (26) and Hannah Dodd (28). They all immersed themselves in the world of equestrian sports for an evening and, among other things, were allowed to place their bets on a horse race. The musical accompaniment was provided by DJs Tigarah and Yuksek as well as the French band Hyphen Hyphen.