Former Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (64) cannot celebrate the world premiere of his latest film “Control” in London’s “Prince Charles Cinema” as previously planned. According to a media report, the head of the cinema initially did not realize when booking that it was a production with Spacey. This is reported by the British “Telegraph”.

“We have a problem,” the head of the cinema told Spacey’s fellow actress Lauren Metcalfe (68), who is also a producer on “Control,” via email. The cinema canceled the rental for the premiere in November.

The reason given was: “Last night we found out that your film stars Kevin Spacey and that it is, in particular, his first film since the court case. My staff and I are horrified that we are in the same breath as his new one Film will be named for the premiere.” The cinema operator did not comment further on an inquiry from the Telegraph.

According to the report, Spacey’s US lawyer Chase Scolnick described the cancellation, which came as a surprise to the film team, as “more than disappointing” and accused the “Prince Charles Cinema” in London of censorship. Metcalfe called the rejection “very shocking.” “It’s outrageous. Everything was arranged,” Gene Fallaize, director of the film, is quoted as saying. For several reasons, he recently announced on Instagram that the premiere will now take place in the larger “Genesis Cinema”. There is “an overwhelming demand for tickets” and this means they can accommodate more people. There was no mention of the other cinema’s cancellation.

The trial against Spacey that the cinema is talking about began in London at the end of June. The actor, who was dropped as part of Hollywood’s MeToo movement, was accused of inappropriately touching or coercing sexual intercourse with four men in Britain between 2001 and 2013. Spacey denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty to all charges. On his 64th birthday, he was finally acquitted on all counts in London at the end of July.

Spacey had already been acquitted in the USA in 2022. A New York jury found him not guilty. His fellow actor Anthony Rapp (51) accused him of sexually harassing him when Rapp was just 14 years old.