Kaya Yanar (50) and Paul Panzer meet in “Schlag den Star” on Saturday on ProSieben. The comedian and the fictional character of the stand-up comedian Dieter Tappert (52) will compete live in the game show on March 30th from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

The two expect 15 rounds, but naturally only one can expect the prize money of 100,000 euros. The fighting spirit seems to have already broken out. Yanar said in a press release from ProSieben: “Is the motto on Saturday ’80s, or can Paul change into something decent?” To which Paul Panzer replied: “What are you looking at?! Google style, boy!”

As always, Elton (52) will host the show, produced by Brainpool TV, with comments coming from Ron Ringguth (58). “Schlag den Star” can be seen on ProSieben and via the streaming service Joyn.

Kaya Yanar became famous in the early noughties with his Sat.1 comedy show “What are you watching?!” known. Paul Panzer first made a name for himself on the radio with prank calls. Tappert was also seen alongside Mario Barth (51) in the film “Männersache”. Yanar and Panzer have often appeared in front of the camera together – among other things, the two were seen on the RTL program “Stars at Work” for almost two years.