Katherine Heigl (44) and Ellen Pompeo (53) interviewed each other for the “Variety” interview series, “Actors on Actors”.

The two “Grey’s Anatomy” stars talk, among other things, about the time in the successful series. Another topic was Heigl’s sudden exit and the reputation she has had since then.

“I was so naive,” Heigl recalls. “I had my stage and I had a few things to say and I felt inspired by the topic. I felt really empowered. I felt so empowered that I even used a megaphone on stage.” The success with “Grey’s Anatomy” would have given her “false self-confidence”, which is why she would have become “really big-mouthed”, explains Heigl.

Like most women, she would have wanted to please everyone all her life, Heigl recalls. “It’s really disturbing when you feel like you’ve upset everyone. It wasn’t my intention to do that, but I had some things to say and I didn’t think I’d get such a strong reaction.”

However, Ellen Pompeo stands by her friend in the new interview: “You were just a little early because shortly after that this thing came up where everyone has their own megaphone and a blue tick. It’s called Twitter. You were easy in your time ahead, good lady.” Heigl then quips: “Damn, I should have waited for Twitter. I would have made it big!”

Especially Heigl’s handling of an Emmy nomination caused a lot of misunderstanding. She disqualified herself for the 2008 television awards for her portrayal of Izzy Stevens. She was dissatisfied with her performance and “didn’t get the stuff that would have justified an Emmy nomination,” Heigl told the LA Times at the time.

In 2010, Heigl finally left “Grey’s Anatomy” to have time to raise her daughter. That wouldn’t have been compatible with the extreme working conditions on the show, she told E! News in 2021.