Actress Kate Beckinsale (50) has had a difficult time: In January she lost her beloved stepfather Roy Battersby (1936-2024), and her mother Judy Loe (77) has been struggling with health problems for months. The British actress recently had to be treated in hospital for a few weeks. Beckinsale did not give the reasons for her hospital stay at the time, but a new Instagram post now sheds some light on the matter. So she is apparently back home in her own four walls.

On Wednesday (April 17), the 50-year-old shared several photos with her followers in which she sits with her dog in a bed decorated with stuffed animals and pillows. Beckinsale is wearing blue jeans, a large black bow in her hair and a T-shirt that says “Tummy Troubles Survivor.” She only added two emojis: a tense arm and a white heart. However, Beckinsale did not explain what type of abdominal problems she was suffering from.

Beckinsale has made health problems public several times in the past. In 2019, a ruptured cyst was found in her ovaries. In the same year, she revealed that she suffers from mast cell activation syndrome – a systemic disease that can lead to chronic inflammatory complications.

Kate Beckinsale has now deleted all the photos she posted from the hospital from her feed. Among other things, the actress shared a photo last week that showed her in a hospital bed in a hospital robe, with a drip on her arm and the same hair bow as in the new post.

The actress also spent the Easter holidays in the hospital. At that time, she shared a photo from the hospital bed that showed cozy socks with a bunny print and ears and wished her subscribers “Happy Easter.” This post has also now been deleted.