Owners of an electric bicycle have even higher demands on e-bike locks than on normal bicycle locks. The manufacturer’s highest security level is usually preferred. The material is also a priority when purchasing and should be as robust and indestructible as possible. When buying a bicycle lock for e-bikes, there are a few criteria to consider. Tips for making the right choice as well as five models that correspond to the parameters can be found here.

The basic criteria when buying a bicycle lock for e-bikes include theft protection, durability and robustness as well as weight. This is what you should pay attention to when purchasing:

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The security level should of course be as high as possible. However, manufacturers of e-bike bicycle locks do not use a uniform scale for the security level. That’s why it’s important to look closely: It’s best for e-bike owners to always choose the highest level of safety from the respective manufacturer.

Steel and titanium are the most popular when it comes to bicycle locks for e-bikes, as these materials are the most robust and difficult to crack. Unfortunately, in contrast to other materials such as aluminum, they are also very heavy. An included frame attachment can help.

The price range for e-bike bicycle locks is wide; buyers have to expect to pay at least 60 euros or more to buy a really good and secure lock. Models over 100 euros often have technical extras and innovations on board.

The Kryptonite U-lock is made of special hardened steel and has a protective vinyl coating. It ranks at the top when it comes to security – Stiftung Warentest gave it a good rating (1.7) in the last U-lock comparison.

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The Abus chain lock Granit CityChain XPlus 1060 impresses in numerous tests and offers optimal protection against theft thanks to its high-quality locking mechanism and security level 15. A bike holder is not included.

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Among the folding locks, the Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 SH from Abus came out on top in our star test. With the highest Abus security level of 15, it proved to be particularly safe and resistant to break-in attacks. However, the lock is also correspondingly heavy.

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Aaron’s premium e-bike lock is also a folding lock and is ahead in many tests. With the highest security level 18, it offers a high level of theft protection. Made from hardened steel, it is still comparatively light at 1.6 kilograms.

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The Keeper 785 chain lock from Kryptonite also offers a high level of security at a relatively affordable price. At just under 1.6 kilograms, the lock is easy to transport. However, the security level is only five out of ten. Stiftung Warentest still gave it a good grade (1.6). This was the best value among the chain locks in the test.

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A few things should be taken into account when buying a bicycle lock for e-bikes so that the expensive investment is actually optimally protected. When it comes to robustness and theft protection, all of our models presented are a good choice – but if you want something cheaper, you have to make compromises.

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