A film is currently being made about the former figure skater Katarina Witt (57). As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the shooting will continue until the end of May. The production for ZDF therefore has the working title “A freestyle that stays”. Lavinia Nowak (27) embodies Witt, Dagmar Manzel (64) plays the role of Jutta Müller (94), Witt’s trainer, according to “Bild”. The film is said to be about Witt’s comeback in 1994. According to the report, a broadcast date has not yet been set.

Witt explained to “Bild” that she was filming: “I was there for a visit and really enjoyed my trip into the past.” In addition, the two-time Olympic champion said about the leading actress Nowak that she was “so charming” that she immediately took the actress to her heart. “Seeing Lavinia perform live was a bit unreal as I was getting to know my ‘young self’. At the same time, I felt her own passion for her job as an actress. She is passionate about acting as I am about ice cream.”

Katarina Witt was an Olympic champion in 1984 and 1988, and she is also a four-time world champion. Since she ended her sporting career, she has worked as an actress and presenter, among other things.