The finale of the 2023 jungle camp was overshadowed by some discord. The newly crowned jungle queen Djamila Rowe was shocked on Monday morning when she heard a statement from Lucas Cordalis. Djamila couldn’t quite understand Cordalis’ drive to want to win the title for his dead father. Daniela Katzenberger’s husband then said on the jungle phone: “Maybe she just doesn’t understand my motivation. She grew up in the home anyway!”

A saying that Cordalis is not uncomfortable with in hindsight. “I hope I don’t have to regret anything and I don’t either,” he said on Monday morning in a question and answer session with journalists about his time in the jungle. He didn’t have to apologize for anything either, said the 55-year-old: “Because I was at peace with everyone in the camp. There’s no resentment or bad feelings.”

That didn’t change when he was specifically asked about his home statement about Djamila: “If she tells me that in the camp, it’s public – that’s why I don’t have to regret it,” said the singer. In fact, he reiterated his controversial sentence: “It’s also understandable: If someone grows up in an intact family, it’s a different story than if a person doesn’t have their parents and maybe can’t build a relationship with them either. “

He also downplayed the quarrel with Gigi Birofio. “We walked arm in arm to the hotel,” says Cordalis now. “There is no stress between us. We are good and make up.” Nevertheless, he blames the reality star for his bad image in the camp. The fact that many viewers perceived him as “fake” was “due to the fact that Gigi said that so often”. Everyone else in the camp would have perceived him differently.

When asked why he didn’t reveal much about himself, Cordalis said with a grin: “My private life has already been covered in the media so much that I just didn’t want to bore people.” He insists: “I have shown myself as I am. I am very harmonious, fair, straight.” He doesn’t like to get caught up in arguments.

But whether he gets through without a fight will be seen tonight: Then RTL will broadcast “I’m a star – get me out of here! – The big reunion” from 8.15 p.m. Lucas Cordalis will then meet Djamila Rowe there. It’s quite possible that one or the other statement by the pop singer will come up again and cause trouble.

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