The evening before the final is traditionally conclusion time, one looks inward, the other holds his own nose, which feels like the first time in these two weeks. “It’s enough or not,” Jolina summed it up so clearly and universally. Contrary to what she expected, that’s how it was for her, life in the camp took her with her as a human being, but in the end it always comes down to the same thing: “I am me”. Lucas countered so much depth in a very simple way: “It has sharpened my senses, especially my nose. If someone puts on lotion five meters away, I smell it very intensely. I’ll take this knowledge with me for the future”. Well then, one step ahead, at least as far as that is concerned.

“The crown of hearts” had left the camp with Dads, and while he was freshly showered and styled in the hotel beating the champagne, things really got down to business again at his former residence. Lucas babbled on about ointment, Cosimo suffered from a lack of magnesium and lasagna, Djamila struggled with the rules and while Jolina warmed up for the final infight with Cosimo, Gigi got down to business, in the truest sense of the word: “I have to poop completely!” . The reality warrior then used the resulting space for autobiographical grace: “Now I know what I want, what I need and want. I didn’t take a step here, but a whole stairwell.”

Others, on the other hand, were more on the road in the paternoster, kept turning around and always missed the exit. It was not to be expected that Jolina and Cosima would get into a clinch again in the semi-finals, so it was all the more entertaining.

Jolina: “You’re just accusing me of always swinging big words, and that’s what you do all day. It’s getting on my non-existent bag so much. Your behavior is so disrespectful.”

Cosimo: “You sometimes talk about sex too!”

Jolina: “Disrespectful, not sexist. Respect means listening to each other. And not apologizing because an apology gives you fucking airtime!”

Cosimo: “I shit on the airtime. I need the money!”

It was the big round of conclusions, in which it was a matter of handing out papers in a bachelor’s style, which turned the mood screw here. A green leaf for the perceived king of the jungle, a red leaf for the biggest loser, so it should be distributed in turn. There was rare agreement with the greens, they all missed themselves, with the reds it got a little confused. Djamila slapped Lucas off, Gigi did the same, the doubly scolded retaliated and showed Gigi red again. “How can you be such a pussy?” He asked himself afterwards, as expected there was no answer. And Jolina and Cosimo? Well, see above, when the term “happy ending” is spelled out, you probably shouldn’t listen to them both.

A feeling shared by four of the five camp residents: when Lucas suddenly started singing “Singin in the Rain” in the face of a torrential downpour, the mental curtain went down for the rest of the rascals. “It’s really annoying,” Djamila’s restrained reaction, which, it has to be said, in view of the massive weight loss that has also overtaken her, seems to be disappearing more and more behind her lips.

In addition, there were some remarkable insights: Jolina cooks beans better than papis. Rubber panties suit Gigi very well, which cannot be said of Jan Köppen and his shirts. And why Lucas, in the face of brute psychoanalysis – “Djamila lacks understanding, she grew up in a home” – has not long since ended up in his home himself remains one of the unsolved mysteries of this equally entertaining season. Speaking of which, time for some stats: It’s only the third run-through in the camp’s history in which none of the inmates have uttered the magic words, “I’m a star—get me out of here!” expressed in order to move out. It should probably stay that way in the evening, the grand finale is coming up, and after the collective expulsion of Jolina and Cosimo, Lucas, Gigi and Djamila can hope for the crown. Who will it be in the end, who will come to royal honors? We have a tip, but our lips, heh, are locked. Bye-bye, until the big showdown!