Spanish professional golfer Jon Rahm (29) and his wife Kelley Cahill are looking forward to a new addition to their family. The couple is expecting their third child.

The athlete announced this on Good Friday with an Instagram post. In the post, Jon Rahm shared a photo of his family, which already includes two sons: Kepa (2) and Eneko (1). While the golfer held his son Kepa in his arms, the father-son duo proudly showed images of an ultrasound scan into the camera. Cahill, meanwhile, stood next to her husband, holding her younger son and looking at her husband with a smile. “Official switch to zone defense, Baby Rahm #3 is coming soon!” wrote the golfer.

The baby news is the latest positive news for Rahm, who has had many big moments in both his personal life and career over the past few years. Just two months after the birth of his first son, Rahm won his first-ever US Open victory in June 2021, which he celebrated with his wife and little baby. “It felt like a fairy tale,” he said at the time.

The second son followed in 2022 – and a milestone in his career in 2023. Rahm became the first European player to win both the Masters and the US Open after securing a Masters victory in Augusta, Georgia in April 2023. “With so many great players before me, it’s hard to believe that I’m the first. It’s a very humbling feeling. I can’t help but be grateful,” he said during a press conference.