The TV entertainers Joko Winterscheidt (45) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (40) will rule the ProSieben program for 24 hours on April 21st – after their victory in the 50th episode of “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben”. The well-known TV duo took over the program at midnight. At the start there was a fireworks display in an indoor area, as the two had not been granted permission for a nighttime fireworks display in Berlin at short notice.

Joko and Klaas also walked through the federal capital at night, came into contact with some night owls and took photos in a street vending machine with money they begged for. After the duo watched a live stream of their own program to help the viewers fall asleep, the night was characterized by repeats of old ProSieben programs – without the two presenters, who were asleep in the meantime. Among other things, scenes from the show “Circus HalliGalli” could be seen. Also part of “He who sleeps, loses!” was broadcast. A “My Best Friend” episode ran backwards in the morning hours.

After two episodes of the cult show “The Simpsons,” Joko and Klaas personally took over the program again in the morning. After a morning jog and a short interruption of the live program with legendary talk show moments from the 1990s, the two TV comedians accompanied their viewers’ Sunday morning with the program “Breakfast with Joko