A gray backyard in Cologne, and suddenly a window to Italy opens: in the König television studio, Tommi Schmitt and Sophie Passmann welcome people to talk with Italian pastries and peach juice. The studio is decorated in orange and petrol, photo screens are reminiscent of a summer day on the Amalfi Coast – the talk show that the two are currently launching is called “Neo Ragazzi”.

Schmitt, 34, became known through the podcast “Gemischtes Hack”. Together with the stand-up comedian Felix Lobrecht, he reaches around a million listeners per episode. He also ran his own talk show “Studio Schmitt” on ZDFneo for two years – in the slot that he will fill together with Sophie Passmann from September 14th. The 29-year-old has been considered a feminist voice of her generation since her much-discussed bestseller “Old White Men.”

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