The “John Wick” films are best known for their action-packed shots, brutal fight scenes and their unapproachable assassin. It is therefore surprising that the new spin-off of the successful series is much more civilized and has more depth. The newly released trailer for the prequel The Continental: From the World of John Wick, which will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in mid-September, gives the first glimpse of the action series starring Colin Woodell and Mel Gibson the main roles. The year 2023 is therefore fully under the star of Wick, the long-awaited fourth part of “John Wick” was released in March.

In “The Continental”, the filmmakers take the viewer to New York City in the 1970s, more precisely to the notorious “The Continental” hotel, which is already the scene of numerous scenes from the “John Wick” parts. But since Wick was clearly too young at the time, the focus of the prequel this time is a different person who is no less complex: Winston Scott. He is already known from the main films as a powerful hotel owner. In the spin-off, viewers now learn how he got his position on the board and the hell of a road he had to travel to get it. The young version of Scott is played by Woodell, his opponent Cormac is embodied by Gibson.

“Told from the hotel manager’s point of view, a young Winston Scott is dragged through 1975 New York City to confront a past he thought he had left behind. In a bid to seize control of the iconic hotel that serves as a meeting place for the planet’s most dangerous criminals, Winston sets a deadly trail through New York’s mysterious underworld.”

And the trailer shows that “John Wick” fans are looking forward to the usual action, but can also expect more history and depth. Because Scott – unlike Wick – does not necessarily get his hands dirty voluntarily, is more of a connoisseur, but always with his brain and strategy in the matter. He seems to be doing well, even if he has to show what a fighter he really is from time to time.

Originally, the makers planned to turn the prequel into a real series. Ultimately, however, three episodes will be released, each 90 minutes long. In addition to Scott and Cormac, some familiar characters will also make appearances in their younger versions. And the series makers have also cast these stars: Ayomide Adegun, for example, slips into the role of the concierge Charon, who was played in the films by Lance Reddick, who died last March. Also present: Katie McGrath, Adam Shapiro, cult mime Peter Greene and Dan Li.

Episodes 1 and 3 were directed by Albert Hughes, who is known for productions such as “From Hell” and “Book of Eli”, while Episode 2 “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” was directed by Charlotte Brändström. Another “John Wick” prequel will follow in 2024. In Ballerina, Wick himself stars alongside Ana de Armas.

The “John Wick” spin-off “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” will be available to stream on September 22, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.