Johann Lafer (65) lost ten kilos in six months. The star chef revealed this to “Bild”. Now he stands at about 100 kilos body weight. After a knee operation, the Austrian wanted to take more care of his health. He managed to do this by cycling, among other things, but above all by changing his diet.

Johann Lafer’s daily diet consists of only 10 percent meat and other animal products. “In the past, when I came home, I opened a bottle of red wine and there were slices of sausage. One for me, one for the dog,” said the TV chef. Now he no longer has a dog, and there are no more sausages either. He still drinks red wine, but less than before.

Johann Liefer gave tips for every meal of the day to “Bild”. For breakfast he has porridge with fresh fruit. He doesn’t use industrial sugar, he uses honey or agave syrup to sweeten it.

For lunch, for Lafer the most important meal of the day, there is ratatouille with wholemeal noodles or vegetable curry. In the evening he relies on proteins: chickpea salad, smoked trout or an aubergine steak. “It’s better to avoid carbohydrates in the evening, that helped me a lot with losing weight,” says Lafer.

The time between meals is also important. Here it is important to avoid stuffing oneself with snacks. According to Lafer, psychological components also play a role. “When you’re stressed and exhausted, you ‘eat’,” he said. And further: “You have to find your balance. I now take time off much more often, which helps me a lot.”