Skin cancer was removed from US President Joe Biden (80) in mid-February. His personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, said so in a letter released by the White House. According to this, during a routine health check at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on February 16, a skin change was discovered on Biden’s chest, which was also removed.

As expected, tissue tests had confirmed that it was a so-called basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. All of the affected tissue could be removed. Basal cell carcinomas rarely metastasize and the site on Biden’s chest has healed well. “Further treatment is not necessary,” O’Connor said in the letter.

Only in January did it become known that the First Lady of the USA, Jill Biden (71), also had to undergo an operation. The outpatient surgery successfully removed two basal cell carcinomas, one above the right eye and one on the chest, O’Connor said. A lesion on the left eyelid was also discovered and removed. The tissue was sent to the laboratory for examination.