Joachim zu Denmark (54) seems to be over the deprivation of the title for his children. His mother, the then Danish Queen Margrethe II (84), made international headlines in 2022 when she announced that Joachim’s four children would no longer be referred to as royal highnesses. When they were born, Nikolai (24), Felix (21), Henrik (14) and Athena (12) were princes and princesses respectively, but now they are officially addressed as Count and Countess of Monpezat.

At the time, Joachim and his family let the public know that they were surprised and disappointed by the decision. Is the family feud now over? In an interview with the Washington Post, Joachim, who now lives with his family in the USA, said about the topic: “We have developed further.” However, his wife Marie of Denmark (48) explained about the title revocation: “We were not happy about the way it happened.” She added: “But this is a family matter. It’s complicated.” For her children, it’s about more than just a title: “It’s also their name. It’s their identity since they were born. So it’s more than what people see as a title.”

Joachim’s older sons, who come from his first marriage, are now adults: Nikolai works as a model, Felix studies economics. His younger children, Henrik and Athena, attend an international school in Washington.

“We’ve been living here for seven months now, and few people know who we are, apart from the Danes,” Joachim told the Washington Post about the family’s life in the US capital. He works as a defense industry attaché at the Danish embassy: “It’s about cooperation between the defense industry,” he explains about his job. “My main task here is to pave the way for the Danish defense industry, large and small, to the USA.”

It is not known how Joachim currently feels about his older brother. Frederik X (55) has been King of Denmark since January 14, 2024, after the long-standing Queen Margrethe II abdicated.