It’s no secret that Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston (55) is not a fan of Instagram, TikTok and Co.: “I hate social media. I’m not good at it,” the “Friends” star revealed in an interview with ” Allure”.

Almost five years after her Instagram debut, Aniston is now making it clear that fans will probably never see the actress on the TikTok platform. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” she explains that she “doesn’t subscribe to another thing that ruins my life or anyone else’s.”

“I don’t have TikTok and never will,” the 55-year-old further emphasizes, adding that she “keeps social media at a distance” for a good reason.

“They can captivate you and you’ve wasted hours of your life,” said the “Murder Mystery” star, who sometimes can’t believe it himself, “when I find myself in a veritable wormhole of dog and puppy videos, videos of rescued animals, babies and cats. Aside from the amount of information shared on social media, Aniston believes the unhealthiest aspect of social media is “the mental health that children suffer due to comparison and despair.”

When Aniston joined the social media platform Instagram in October 2019, the actress caused the site to collapse. Within a very short time, the 55-year-old’s first post, which showed her with her “Friends” colleagues, received millions of likes.

Today, Aniston only shows her true self on social media. “We have good days. We have bad days. We have good hair days. We have shitty hair days. […] It’s just unrealistic to try to sell something that doesn’t feel authentic,” the actress clarifies.