Actress Jane Seymour (72) appears on Instagram with her new boyfriend – and at the same time announced that she has separated from her previous partner David Green (74).

“We decided that we are better as friends,” commented the former Bond girl in response to a follower question about the producer. She was with him for almost nine years. In an interview with the “Times” published in April 2023, she said that she was in a relationship with David Green. However, marrying him would be “the most terrible thing in the world.” She rejected his request. “I just said I would never add a number to his name.” The former “Dr. Quinn” actress was previously married four times.

So now she has the next man at her side. She now officially announced her new love on Instagram. There she posted two photos with the musician John Zambetti. He is a guitarist and long-time member of the “British Invasion Style Rock” band The Malibooz. She captioned the photos: “I’ve never been happier.” The couple beamingly poses in front of a pool. In the pictures, Jane Seymour wears a figure-hugging mini dress in iridescent gold and a structured cardigan in dark gray. In one of the pictures, the musician kisses her tenderly on her hair.

He also posted a snapshot together and let it be known that the couple attended the U2 concert together at The Sphere in Las Vegas.

Seymour has four divorced marriages: Michael Attenborough (from 1971 to 1973), Geoffrey Planer (1977 to 1978), David Flynn (1981 to 1992) and James Keach (1993 to 2015). “To be honest, I’m still very, very close to every man I’ve ever been married to and every man I’ve ever dated,” the mother of four told the Times. “Every time I see someone I used to be with, even if it was just for a short time, I feel close to them. I think it’s hard to be with someone who is well known and on the red Carpet stands.”