Comedian Bülent Ceylan does not see the title of his first single “I love people” as a naive message. “Absolutely not. The song clearly states what’s wrong. But it’s just important to me that we pay more attention to and respect each other again. No matter what someone looks like, what skin color or origin someone has,” said the son of one Germans and a Turk from the German Press Agency in Mannheim. “Racism and xenophobia simply have no place in our country.”

The song is an appeal to meet people openly. “We have to convince with big hearts and good arguments, not with hatred and agitation. That only eats you up.” The single will be released tomorrow, Ceylan’s debut album of the same name in March 2024.

The title of the single and album is also a conscious counterpoint in times of the Ukraine war and climate crisis. “I am a positive person who also wants to spread a message,” said the 47-year-old. “Yes, times are difficult. But nothing will be gained if I arrive and sing about conflict and violence.”

Ceylan: “I feel more authentic than ever before”

The album is a long-held dream coming true for him. “In the studio I am who I am. It couldn’t be more real. Really Bülent. I feel more authentic than ever before,” said the man from Mannheim. He has always made music. “Now it has structure.” It was always clear that he sang in German. “That’s how people know me. I want to convey my music in an understandable way, that’s important to me.”

The fact that he makes music is not a “project, but should be another integral part of my professional career in the future,” emphasized Ceylan. “I would love to do both for many years to come – at least as long as people love my shows.” It shouldn’t be unusual for an artist to work in two genres. “It’s normal in America. Maybe I can be a trailblazer for others in this area too.”