The primary residence of Elyas M’Barek (41) and his wife Jessica (born 1988) is now in New York, but the “Fuck ju Göhte” star also has a home in Ibiza. There was a break-in there this summer, as M’Barek revealed a few days ago in the “Enter Sandman” podcast. The burglar or burglars struck while he and his wife were sleeping together in their marital bed. The actor spoke in detail about the traumatic experience in the audio broadcast.

Accordingly, M’Barek woke up at night when the door to his bedroom opened. Since Jessica Riso M’Barek was lying next to him at that moment, he realized: “That’s not my wife. And I’m totally sleepy and say ‘Hello’. And the door closes again. It was such a nightmare. “

The 41-year-old then “jumped up,” “grabbed a knife in the kitchen,” and in the meantime called the police. On the way through his house, M’Barek noticed “that a side door had been broken open.” He goes on to describe the break-in in the podcast as a “really traumatic experience.”

Fortunately, the burglar or burglars only stole money from the star’s wallet. Other valuable items such as cards contained in the wallet or M’Barek’s laptop were still there. In the future, the actor wants to keep the alarm system installed in his house activated. He used to not turn it on overnight when he was home. “But from now on,” says M’Barek.

Despite the traumatic experience, he can now sleep again in his house in Ibiza, as the star revealed. What’s particularly bold about the story is that three days later, after he left, the burglars broke into his house again. M’Barek says he has significantly increased his security measures since then.