Stefan Raab is a cult figure – even almost ten years after he withdrew from the spotlight. His fans are still hoping for a comeback. That’s exactly what the 57-year-old promised in a video published on Instagram on Good Friday. The content: His former intern Elton rows to Raab, who is fishing, on an abandoned lake and asks him to appear in front of the camera again. However, Raab weighs it down and says he just wants to become an influencer. The alleged deal at the end: If Elton gets him nine million followers within three days, Raab will do something again. However, what exactly remains uncertain.

His Instagram account, which has so far been dormant, currently has around two million followers after just under a day – and the trend is of course increasing rapidly. Whether the required nine million can be achieved by Easter Monday remains extremely questionable, but possible. But what exactly is Stefan Raab planning? If you believe a recent article in the “Bild” newspaper, a real TV comeback in front of the camera is not really planned, despite the Instagram video.

Accordingly, the presenter and musician would like to remain in the background with his newly founded company Raab Entertainment in the future. According to the report, there are currently no plans to return as an entertainer. To explain: Raab withdrew from the company Brainpool and the associated production company Raab TV at the end of 2023. What Raab really does: He founded a new company, Raab Entertainment, together with ex-ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann. The first project is a show during this year’s European Football Championship in Germany. In “The RTL EM Studio – All games, goals, emotions” Jan Köppen, 41, and Elton, 52, report together on the highlights from the European Championship games. Raab’s company also designed the show “American Ice Football” for RTL, which was broadcast before the Super Bowl.

Raab will most likely stay in the background and prefer to design. If you believe the current media report, it will stay that way. Will he let possibly nine million followers change his mind?