The popular presenter Elton (53) will no longer host “Schlag den Star” for ProSieben in the future, as the broadcaster announced on April 10th. Comedian and TV personality Oliver Pocher (46) is now also aware of this fact and Elton’s Instagram post, in which the TV star explained that he only found out about his departure from “Schlag den Star” on the same day The latest edition of the podcast “Die Pochers! Freshly recycled” (exclusively at Podimo) has been received.

First of all, Pocher questions Elton’s statement in the podcast episode that he only found out about his “Beat the Star” exit on Wednesday. In a detailed Instagram post, Stefan Raab’s (57) former show intern wrote: “I only found out today after my management called the ProSieben boss to find out what rumors were true that I was no longer ‘Schlag.’ the star is allowed to moderate.”

“There was probably a clear announcement a few weeks ago that Elton would no longer host ‘Schlag den Star’,” Oliver Pocher wants to know – and thus contradicts Elton’s statement. Pocher’s ex-wife and podcast partner Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (41) also doesn’t understand Elton’s protest. “What is he upset about? He’s an old hand, he knows how show business works,” she says, while her ex-husband points out: “He dances at all the weddings, and now he’s angry because one The station says: ‘Yes, that’s perhaps a bit too much on all the other channels now.'”

Following these remarks, Oliver Pocher offers the listeners of “Die Pochers! Freshly recycled” a little insight into his view of the German media and especially TV industry. The only thing that counts here is sympathy, and it is not necessarily the person who is best suited to moderate the event.

Addressing Elton, Pocher also remarks that he has already “made the most of himself” and has “become a multi-multi-millionaire” through his numerous moderation engagements: “Then to play the insulted liverwurst because then you are with “Beat the Star” isn’t there anymore… my goodness.” Sandy Meyer-Wölden also agrees with this, saying: “Close your eyes, you have to go through it and move on. Period.”