You’ve almost gotten used to the singer’s “Spearsh” dance videos on Instagram. She moves jerkily, usually in special outfits, to her favorite songs. Make-up and hair are often at half past seven and even if Britney Spears is actually a gifted choreographer, these videos often seem a bit strange.

So that her followers don’t get bored with the video content in the long run, Spears is now bringing a new accessory into play: a freshly purchased pole dance pole. To the song “Closer” by the band Nine Inch Nails, she lolls lasciviously on the pole. A song with a clear message. There is talk of sex, the loss of the soul, isolation, violence and love.

The singer has now deactivated her comment function on Instagram. She writes about the video: “Bought the poles two days ago, last night was my first time with her”. Within half a day of its release, the performance had already racked up half a million likes.

The leopard print bikini sits very tight on the singer. The matching gloves appear to be tied to the top with a tie. Boots complete the look. In between, Britney Spears pulls her pants down a bit. The singer prefers to wear the low-waist trend from the 2000s, even with jeans. The low-waist cut means that the waistband of the trousers is quite low. Nowadays, a medium height or even high waist is more in trend.

Britney Spears seems to be at the beginning of her pole dance career, the choreography she shows on the pole includes, among other things, the back spin, which is already taught in the first pole dance lessons. In between, she spreads her legs on the pole, even though she’s only wearing tight pants. Fans of the singer can be curious if more videos of this kind will follow.

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