Anyone who previously thought that a megastar employs staff for absolutely everything is wrong. At least when it comes to German top model Heidi Klum. Last weekend, the 50-year-old took her Instagram followers onto her floor to mop.

Anyone who has ever owned a puppy or a dog in general knows that mishaps can happen within four walls. No one would do a happy dance at the sight of a smelly pile in the middle of their home, but you wouldn’t expect a supermodel like Heidi Klum to get down on her knees and clean up the mess herself.

Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz tragically had to say goodbye to their two dogs, Capper and Anton, at the beginning of the year. Both dogs died just a few weeks apart. At the same time, Bill Kaulitz’s dog, Stich, also died. A bitter blow for the entire animal-loving family.

The two cuddly dogs left a gap in the family, which Heidi filled at the beginning of September. Although just a few months ago the model responded to a fan question about whether they would get dogs again: “I don’t know yet, it was really hard for all of us. Anton died in my arms. That was really “It’s really bad,” she surprised her husband with two small puppies at the beginning of September.

The new addition to the family goes by the name “Uschi” and “Jäger”, or at least soon. The twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz celebrated their 34th birthdays at the beginning of September, when Tom received these two rascals as a gift from his wife. Of course, it takes some time until the puppies are house trained. This past weekend, Heidi posted video evidence that they’re still a step away from this.

“It looks like someone has had an accident,” says the model at the beginning of the video, filming the scene of the accident on her floor. Then comes a coffee to wake up, a bathrobe and Klum kneels down and removes the dog’s mishap herself.

It’s wonderfully authentic that things don’t always go according to plan for Heidi Klum at the weekend and the mother of four quickly cleans up the mess herself. Afterwards there is a round of cuddling on the terrace with Uschi and Jäger.

Source: Instagram, Bunte

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