According to a recent survey, most people get their suggestions for gift ideas on the Internet: 49 percent of those surveyed said so. But although there are millions of online shops that throw discounts around, especially at Christmas time, the search for a special gift for your own parents is usually particularly difficult. This is sometimes due to the fact that their household has long been complete and they no longer save big on expensive products that they want to treat themselves to one day. On the contrary, most people tend to be content with what they have as they get older. And yet we don’t want to miss out on making them happy on special occasions like Christmas. After all, many mothers and fathers insist on giving their children presents. But which Christmas gifts always go down well with parents? Below are a few ideas and suggestions.

The whole family usually gets together at Christmas: we eat and laugh, drink and play. So what could be more obvious than giving your parents a nice game? The family quiz is a kind of storytelling game in which the aim is to answer questions – and thereby gain new, exciting or surprising insights into your family. For example, how did your parents meet? Are there celebrities in your family? And where are your grandparents from? These and many other questions ensure an entertaining evening. Here you get the game.

It is even more difficult for older students to find a suitable Christmas present. The parents usually already have everything they need and are not always open to new ideas. Here you can rely on practical tools that make everyday life easier for seniors – such as a cell phone with extra large buttons for which you don’t even have to sign a contract. Equipped with an emergency call button and a flashlight, the senior phone should support your parents in an emergency. Here you get the mobile phone.

Do your parents appreciate a fine drop? Then these three French red wines with gold medal awards make a nice Christmas present: the gift set includes a fruity Terres D’Orb (13 percent), a strong Chateau Malbat (13.5 percent) and a spicy Saint Auriol Chatelaine (14.5 percent). percent) – a real treat for wine drinkers. You can get the three bottles of 0.75 liters each here.

When the temperatures drop, many people suffer more from cold feet – outside as well as inside. If there is also a parent in your family who constantly complains about being cold, an electric foot warmer can be the solution. The footmuff has two temperature levels, and there are also two massage levels: This means that your parents’ feet can not only be kept warm, but also massaged. You can get the foot warmer here.

Do your parents have their own garden? Then you could give them a bonsai tree – but not a finished specimen, but a growing kit. There are four different seeds in the starter kit: red maple, rosewood tree, Norwegian spruce and flame tree. In addition, the set includes a bonsai pot, a watering attachment and four growing pots as well as all the accessories you need for growing (coconut soil tablets, wooden label, instructions). You can get the growing set here.

Even if boules is more likely to be played in the summer, the French classic is still a popular Christmas present for parents. The set consists of six metal balls, a small wooden ball, a tape measure and a carrying case. The special thing about it, however, is that you can leave a personal engraving on the metal balls – this gives the game a personal touch. On top of that, the balls can no longer be mixed up when playing. You can get the boules set here.

At first glance you may be wondering what a steamer is or why you should give your parents a steamer for Christmas of all days. But the fact is: older generations in particular still attach great importance to ironed clothing. However, when you’re traveling, it’s more than difficult to keep your stuff wrinkle-free – unless you have a steamer with you. The practical travel iron fits in any suitcase and keeps your clothes wrinkle-free even on vacation. You can get the steamer here.

A picture says more than 1000 words – that also applies to Christmas. So why not surprise your own parents with a nice family portrait again? If you don’t have an idea for a suitable photo, you can also just give away the picture frame, for example with a voucher for a photographer who should professionally photograph you together with your parents (or the rest of the family). Because let’s be honest: Most of the photos of you being photographed with your mother and/or father are probably a few decades old. You can get the frame here.

It is not without reason that it is said: “It still tastes best at home”. After all, if your parents cooked for you throughout your childhood, you associate many dishes with emotional experiences at home. Nevertheless, it can sometimes taste quite one-sided when the same dishes are served at home every time – here you can bring more momentum and variety into the kitchen by giving your parents so-called recipe cubes. This allows you to mix well-known ingredients and create new taste experiences. Here you get the cubes.

Are your parents already retired? Then give away a suitable advent calendar to get in the mood for the Christmas season. This includes 24 products that revolve around the theme of breakfast – such as jam and honey or various (instant) coffee specialties. If your mother or father likes to take a lot of time for a leisurely breakfast, and pensioners usually have more than enough of that, then this beautiful advent calendar for retired people is just right for your parents. Get the calendar here.

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