Advent calendars make children’s eyes shine every day in the run-up to Christmas. It’s too nice to be able to unwrap a small gift every day. But the selection of Advent calendars is large and so the choice is not easy. Whether parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or godparents, if you are looking for a nice Advent calendar for the little ones in the family, you might find what you are looking for here.

In many families it is a tradition to give away a self-designed calendar to the children during Advent. You can make the Advent calendar entirely yourself or use practical Advent calendars that you can fill yourself. The calendars offer enough space for 24 small gifts. Small paper bags as well as boxes or bags are suitable for filling.

Advent calendars exude nostalgia with pictures that provide children with a new, creative motif every day. Either the pictures behind the 24 doors complete the overall picture, or there are Christmas motifs hidden behind them. Advent calendars with pictures are very decorative and the little ones in the family can discover something new every day.

Calendars with sweets, especially chocolate like this Advent calendar with Lindt chocolate, are also popular. Behind the doors of the calendar in a playful design, children will find Christmas chocolate figures in addition to the classic Lindor balls.

This “Three Question Marks” Advent calendar encourages children (and the whole family) to puzzle along, because every day the Advent calendar reveals a new puzzle that contributes to the overall solution on December 24th. Because only if the puzzle of the day is solved can the next door be found. In this way, exciting detective puzzles can be deciphered together as a family.

It’s not uncommon for a Lego gift to be under the Christmas tree. But the Advent season can also be shortened with this Lego Advent calendar for children. Not only are the colorful building blocks popular, but also the fictional character “Harry Potter”. Behind the 24 doors, children will find small characters from the “Harry Potter” universe around Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hogwarts. You can find more in our article.

If you think of Lego, you’ll probably think of Playmobil shortly afterwards. Playmobil advent calendars are just as popular as the Lego versions. There are numerous calendars that deal with different scenarios. This Playmobil Advent calendar with the theme “equestrian center” is particularly suitable for fans of horses and the like. You can find more in our article.

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