The beautiful Belle Delphine became known worldwide as the “Bathwater Mermaid”. The South African model had won a large number of followers with erotic clips in a fairytale anime look. Her niche in the market: She created real-life erotic poses from Japanese comics. When a fan sighed “I want to sip your bathwater” under a picture of the splashing beauty, the clever woman recognized a gap in the market.

“I laughed at it at first and then I thought it was a great idea,” said Belle Delphine. She started bottling her bath water and selling it for the equivalent of 25 euros. Every bottle generated new orders. The bathwater raised her to the influencer Olympus. Many customers made videos of themselves gulping down Belle’s liquid, rubbing it on themselves or using the bath water to cook – spaghetti a la Delphine. All of this brought her new fans.

Now the beauty admits that the whole thing was just a hoax. Not the fame, not the run for the bathwater, but the money. On “X” she admits her biggest “L” lie. “Not only did I not make any money selling my bath water, I actually lost money in the process.”

At the time, she proudly posted PayPal earnings of $90,000. But then the company is said to have cut the money. “Without warning they closed my PayPal account and took the $90,000 I made from selling my bath water. I couldn’t do anything, I tried calling them and they just said sorry, there’s nothing we can do !” Presumably Belle Delphine had violated the terms and conditions. She wouldn’t be the only one PayPal banned for selling “pornographic content.”

On top of that, she was given a hefty fine for every single bath water transaction. So she ended up in the red. This was a shock for Belle Delphine, but the enterprising woman realized that the story “PayPal is so mean to me” would bring her nothing but ridicule. So she decided to spread the story that she had made “sOoOo much money” selling the bath water. She probably didn’t become poor; she took advantage of the boost in her popularity to start a channel on Only Fans. That brings in 35 pounds per fan a month. She is said to have received five million for her first sex film. The house purchase announced at the time has gone ahead. In keeping with her status, she lives in a replica Tudor house in a gated community, writes the “Spectator”. It puts her monthly income at 1.2 million pounds.

She hasn’t lost her wit, on “X” she described herself like this:

– Made Only Fans her profession

– Only ever slept with one person

-Wants to be a TradWife but can only cook microwave meals

– Borderline retarded because she dropped out of school at 14

-Wrote a 52-page revenge plan against someone in 2023