With her publicly expressed desire for an abortion, she is currently – once again – causing discussions: amateur actress and influencer Anne Wunsch. On her Instagram profile, she keeps a proud 1.1 million followers happy, who react dividedly to Wunsch’s decision to have an abortion – as well as to many other topics. Hate comments, moral sermons, savage abuse and death threats can be found alongside comments that pay respect to the influencer and promise her acceptance and support for her courage and honesty.

It is not new that opinions differ when it comes to Anne Wunsch. The 31-year-old repeatedly causes controversy and debate with her content on social media. On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, she gives her community insights into her everyday life as a mother of three almost every day. Almost always there: her three children, who she presents bluntly in front of the camera.

It is logical that she not only calls fans, but also critics, who follow and comment on Wunsch’s actions at every turn. They say: Wunsch educates their children wrongly and endangers their well-being.

Another big point of criticism from her “haters”, as Wunsch describes herself: her dealings with advertising partners, from whom she earns money. She works with various cooperation partners on her channels and advertises uninhibitedly – for clothes, toys, food or her newborn’s baby romper suit, including an affiliate link for subsequent shopping.

However, it is not only Wunsch’s “haters” who take advantage of the attack potential. Comedian Oliver Pocher, who is known for regularly taunting influencers, likes to tease the mother’s content and massive advertising placements.

Only recently, Pocher exposed Wunsch for their onesie advertisement: “Use the child for the first cooperation after just two days… a full frying pan remains a full frying pan!” He said, whereupon wishes Pocher and his wife Amira as ” Mobber-Dreamteam” described, which would trigger a “hate wave” with their gossip, which was “abnormal”. Wunsche said at the time that she had even been threatened with death in the course of Pocher’s exposure. “I’ve had things written to me like, ‘I hope your baby is born disabled or dies in childbirth,'” she said on Instagram.

Nevertheless, she has not been influenced by the amount of criticism and hatred so far. She continues to share content on family, motherhood and pregnancy, talks about hemorrhoids, incontinence and her “flabby belly” after childbirth, and shares every aspect of her life uncensored and uninhibited. And that’s exactly what her followers appreciate about her: her uncensored honesty and openness when dealing with topics that are still socially inhibited.

The list of controversial online appearances by Wunsch is long. Every “faux pas” by the 31-year-old is followed by a controversial discussion between her fans and haters – as is the case now, when it comes to abortion. Wunsch polarizes with her presence – but always stands confidently by her actions and decisions. But as the influencer explains, it wasn’t always like that.

The mother has often spoken about her youth, when things didn’t go well for her for a very long time. Anne Wunsch grew up with three brothers in Cottbus, Brandenburg. After school, the influencer “partyed a little”, as she writes on her website, and at the same time gained professional experience with various internships. But it took a while for her to find her way. For a long time she had no prospects, she says. She could barely pay her rent and even contemplated suicide.

Only after her permanent role in “Berlin – Day and Night” in 2011 did things slowly start to improve for her. Until 2015 she embodied the young mother Hanna Fischer, then briefly interrupted the show during her pregnancy with daughter Miley, only to finally leave her in 2015 – after her second pregnancy with Juna. Both children come from the marriage with influencer and singer Henning Merten, with whom Wunsch was in a relationship from 2011 to 2019. As she explains in an interview with RTL, she only earned enough money in 2018. A year later she founded her first company – “Then there was such an upswing for the first time that I had a bit more money left over after the rent”, she thinks back.

She then returned to acting in 2018 in the RTL soap “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”, in which she took on a guest role. She also acted as a voice actress for the films “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” and “My Little Pony – The Movie”. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of “Berlin – Tag

“I just fight for it and I won’t let anyone tell me that I can’t do something or that I can’t do something,” she says of the amount of haters who don’t mean her well. “I just know that these are not my limits, but their limits.”

She draws her self-confidence from the things she has already achieved in her life. She is grateful for that, as she repeatedly emphasizes on social media. “Yesterday I founded a new company for my XXL project. I now have two companies!” She reports on Instagram in March and further: “I also had a short sentimental because it’s just SO blatant! I am 31, have three children, I have two companies.” That was not a matter of course for Wunsch, since she was always “the quiet little mouse” at school that nobody believed in.

In addition to her social media channels, Wunsch runs her online shop “Glitzer im Kopf”, where she sells merchandising products from the brand of the same name, such as mugs, books and calendars. In addition, the influencer would like to open her own café in Berlin soon.

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