They call it ‘face-icing’, but it is nothing more than applying cold to the face. This trick, which many celebrities share on their Instagram or TikTok profiles, has been practiced for years, due to its numerous benefits for the skin. Aesthetics expert Carmen Navarro explains that “the cold attenuates bags and dark circles, relaxes the muscles and brings light to the skin”.

The models Irina Shayk, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford or the actress Sydney Sweeny (Cassie in ‘Euphoria’) are some of the celebrities who use the cold to care for the skin of their face, and prepare it before applying makeup. “It’s the trick that many expert makeup artists have taught me,” Cindy Crawford told her followers.

The cold reduces swelling, soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, activates microcirculation, smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, reduces the appearance of dilated pores and, in short, makes the face more rested, youthful and luminous. . It is therefore a good trick to practice, for example, before applying makeup for a special event.

In addition, the cold is also good for the skin of the body. In fact, Carmen Navarro recalls that “cold is very effective in relieving tired legs and attacking cellulite.”

You can use an ice cube (which can never be put directly on the skin, but wrapped in a towel, muslin… to avoid burns), or resort to a more sophisticated tool such as an ice roller or ice balls . These gadgets must be cooled in the freezer and slide over the face, previously cleansed, “in upward movements, for a few minutes. It is advisable to start with the chin and go through the jaw, going up marking the cheekbones until reaching the outer area of ​​the eyes to reduce and smooth the crow’s feet. To work the forehead, go up the sides of the nose and work the forehead wrinkles. In the area of ​​bags and dark circles, it must also be moved gently in order to drain and activate microcirculation”, according to Carmen Navarro.

The ice rollers and balls fulfill a double function: the benefits of the cold are joined by those of the facial massage itself. As the expert Carmen Navarro explains, “it is advisable to train the facial muscles in the same way as the rest of the body. We must not forget that there are also muscles in the face, which, like those of the rest of the body, require attention and need work to tone up and avoid flaccidity.

Another way to practice face-icing is to use a gel mask, which must be previously cooled in the freezer. It is a very practical accessory to combat bags and dark circles, and put an end to the tired look around the eyes.