The Season 16 Semifinals of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” on Saturday evening it was tough again: all the stars had to prove themselves together in the jungle test “Creek of the Stars” – so far, so good. In the game “Leaf of Truth”, however, there was a ruthless reckoning, so that the next mega Zoff kindled in the camp – and that shortly before the final, in which only three celebrities were allowed to move in.

At the beginning of Saturday evening there was good news for the campers: everyone got their luxury items back, which they had to hand in a few days ago because of 90 rule violations. Of course, that caused joy in the camp. Only Djamila Rowe (55), who was already thinking about never leaving the jungle again, could apparently have done without it: “I totally forgot about her.” The good mood was then promptly used to take stock shortly before the final: How have the stars experienced the jungle adventure so far?

For Jolina Mennen (30) it was “hard”, “much more emotional, more stirring, more intense and overwhelming”, she didn’t expect that. Lucas Cordalis (55) drew a similar conclusion. Cosimo Citiolo (41) is particularly proud of having “eliminated his fear of heights”. Djamila is leaving the camp as a “soldier” because she has “definitely gotten stronger – emotionally and mentally”. Gigi Birofio (23) found the adventure “crass”. Although he initially thought the place was “cursed”, he is now “super grateful”.

The celebrities were also “grateful” for the cooking skills of Papis Loveday (46). When he moved out, Gigi asked the question: “Wait – who’s cooking today?” After all: Jolina said she was ready: “I’m looking forward to it.”

Djamila then delivered a message from the jungle phone: “Today we all have to go.” When Sonja Zietlow (54) and Jan Köppen (39) arrived, it was then: off into the bathing suits for the classic of all jungle tests – “Creek of the Stars”. There, all five celebrities had to transport XXL foam stars on a slippery surface with water, slime, foam, balls and other obstacles without losing them. The well-rehearsed team got five out of five possible stars. Gigi hoped for “a whole zebra” including “foot and teeth”.

Before the penultimate supper came, the stars still had to face the “Truth Leaf” challenge. The task was simple: everyone had to give a red and a green leaf, making it clear who was entitled to the jungle crown and who was not. Everyone kept the green leaf for themselves, the red ones were of course diligently distributed. Both Gigi and Djamila gave Lucas their red sheet. The reason: He was wrong. Lucas gave one and the same reason when he handed Gigi his red sheet.

However, the big argument surprisingly flared up between Jolina and Cosimo, who had already had a loud discussion about the night shift planning just before the game. According to Cosimo, Jolina “wouldn’t accept” him, which is why she got his red sheet. She didn’t let that sit on her. “Your communication is disrespectful. I’m so fed up with my non-existent sack, you can’t imagine that. You’re a giant baby who never learned to have a discussion,” she scolded. However, Cosimo did not get a red sheet because Jolina refused to give one because of her “principles”. But there was no reconciliation…

It was not surprising that the decision was largely characterized by silence after the camp was once again in turmoil. For Cosimo and Jolina there were the fewest calls, their journey through the Australian bush ended. Djamila, Gigi and Lucas, on the other hand, will fight for the coveted jungle crown in the grand finale on Sunday evening (from 10:15 p.m. live on RTL and RTL).