What do Michael Bully Herbig (55) and Alec Völkel (51) have in common? In contrast to many other celebrities, you are not keeping up with the current yearbook app trend. While countless stars can be transformed into high school students with the help of artificial intelligence, the director and The BossHoss singer show real 1990s photos of themselves. Will this potentially trigger a new hype?

In any case, their fans celebrate the two’s “real” photo contributions. Michael Bully Herbig, for example, posted an old black and white photo of himself in which he has shoulder-length hair, a three-day beard and a white T-shirt. He looks into the camera with a serious expression. “90s reality! No fake, no AI, that’s life!” writes the entertainer.

Völkel also shared an old black and white picture of himself with a long quiff and shirtless. He also wears hoop earrings, two necklaces and, with a serious look, crosses his arms, on which two large tattoos can be seen. “Real 90s!” writes Völkel.

His wife Johanna Völkel (45), with whom the musician has been married since 2015 and has two children, promptly commented on the post with a compliment: “…ok, you definitely should have rung my doorbell back then!” Moderator Ruth Moschner (47) writes: “Not Al, but Ahhhhh eieiei!”

While Bully and Völkel reminisce completely free of charge, users who want to follow the yearbook trend have to pay 6.99 euros with a waiting time of up to two hours or 3.99 euros with a waiting time of up to 24 hours pay for their AI yearbook pictures.

Stars like Daniela Katzenberger (37) and Snoop Dogg (51) still fell for the hype and already shared their results on Instagram. “I just HAD to join this trend,” Katzenberger joked in her post.