After the winter, many people feel the need to clean their apartment thoroughly, to clear out and to put things in order. But where to start and what to do with the sorted things? Here are three tips for a quick home cleaning.

A lot accumulates over the winter: magazines, books, clothes. Spring is therefore a good opportunity to get your apartment in shape again. The best way to thoroughly clean your apartment is to start with mucking out. Old clothes, books, pieces of furniture that you’ve had enough of looking at, or technical devices that lie unused in cupboards, drawers and crowded corners can now go and make room for new things.

However, used items do not always have to be thrown away; they can be turned into money at online flea markets, for example. For private sellers, the eBay classifieds and eBay platforms are ideal for getting rid of used items easily. While classified ads have always been free to use, selling on eBay cost fees until recently. Since March, however, this has ended: Anyone who sells things privately via the online platform no longer has to pay any fees.

More information on eBay

Private sellers still have to consider one thing when selling via eBay, Vinted, Momox and Co.: Since January 1, 2023, these platforms have had to report particularly active sellers to the tax office. This also applies to private individuals. If you sell more than 30 items a year or earn a total of 2,000 euros or more, you have to pay taxes on them. Those who only occasionally sell something or stay below the stated limit are exempt from tax liability.

Before starting the big cleaning, it is advisable to create a plan and have all the necessary things ready. Should the entire apartment shine fresh and clean or should only individual rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room be scrubbed and mucked out? A good tip is to start with the rough work like window cleaning. In order for the work to be done quickly and thoroughly, the right equipment, such as a window vacuum, should not be missing.

Once the windows are clean, finer work such as dusting can begin. In addition to furniture and surfaces, door frames, lamps, or technology, such as the television or music system, and the leaves of indoor plants should not be forgotten. Only at the very end is the floor cleaned with vacuuming and wiping.

There is also a lot to do in the bathroom and kitchen during the annual apartment cleaning. Wiping, wiping surfaces and descaling are just a few of the tasks that need to be done. Since many surfaces in the kitchen come into contact with food, it is better not to use chemical and highly caustic cleaning agents. Better: use natural home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda or citric acid. They can also deal with stubborn dirt such as burnt-in dirt or limescale.

If you still prefer ready-made cleaners, it is better to use ecological variants. Incidentally, irritating cleaning agents should also be avoided in the bathroom. In addition to cleaning the tub and shower as well as the toilet and mirror, the annual spring cleaning is also a good opportunity to look through cosmetics and creams in the bathroom for expired products and to dispose of them.

The beginning of spring is a good opportunity to create order in your own four walls and to get rid of accumulated things that you no longer need. So that you don’t throw the rag in the corner after the first window has been cleaned, you shouldn’t want to do too much at once. Better: proceed step by step and take your time. As soon as the first drawer is mucked out or the bookshelf is free of dust, you are motivated and the rest takes care of itself.

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