The “Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman (54) expresses himself in a new interview in detail about his attitude towards the political status of his native Australia. On the BBC One talk show “Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg,” Jackman said in advance that secession from the British monarchy to a republic would be “inevitable.” Jackman himself has “no grudges at all” towards King Charles III. (74) but a departure from the Commonwealth is “a natural development of a country”.

The actor is a child of British emigrants, was born in Sydney and grew up there, but has both Australian and British citizenship. Jackman says he came from a family where the British royal family was celebrated. For example, his father would have gathered the whole family in front of the television and even served champagne at the 1981 wedding of Princess Diana (1961-1997) and Prince Charles. To this day he knows the achievements of the late Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) and her successor King Charles III. much appreciated: “I admire them and I wish them all the best.”

There is currently a lively public debate in Australia about the future role of the country. It is currently a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, a loose association of sovereign states made up mostly of former colonies of Great Britain. The official head of state in Australia is the British monarch, who is represented locally by a governor-general. Amplified by the death of the Queen, this status is currently being put to the test in Australia and many other Commonwealth countries.

The last time there was a democratic vote on this status “Down Under” was in 1999: At that time, 55 percent of voters decided to remain in the monarchical structures. A recent decision also caused a stir: King Charles III. will not be featured on the five dollar bill there like his mother Queen Elizabeth II. Observers see this step as a further indication of the country’s unstoppable process of cutting cords.