US rapper and actor Ice-T has been immortalized on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame” with a star plaque. On Friday, the day after his 65th birthday, Ice-T posed with his family at the 2747th plaque on the famous sidewalk. “I’m so proud to be here,” said the musician. He never would have dreamed of that before, Ice-T said, referring to his youth when he was a petty criminal on the streets of Los Angeles – until he discovered hip-hop for himself.

The musician, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, rose to prominence in the Los Angeles gangsta rap scene in the 1980s. In 1992, he recorded the controversial song “Cop Killer” with his metal band Body Count. In 2020, the group released their seventh album, “Carnivore”, which also addresses police brutality. The Grammy award winners (“Bum Rush”) are currently working on their eighth album.

The father of three Ice-T is not only in demand as a musician and producer. He also appears as an actor in TV series (“Law

Ice-T has been married to model Nicole “Coco” Austin, who is over 20 years her junior, since 2002, and the two had a daughter, Chanel, in 2015. Daughter LeTesha and son Tracy come from previous relationships. The whole family attended the ceremony.