You don’t get an Oscar every day and even the invitation to the event is highly coveted. The stars dress up all the more for the special occasion and only wear the most exclusive things their wardrobe has to offer – even if they are not even nominated.

Only one of the winners apparently didn’t think much of it and appeared between Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton in a tuxedo from a completely unknown brand: Daniel Scheinert wore a tuxedo from “Unclaimed Baggage” – in German “goods not picked up”. And the name lives up to what it promises: It’s an Alabama store that buys abandoned suitcases from airlines and then repairs and resells or donates the contents to its customers as profitably as possible.

Apparently the business works well for “Unclaimed Baggage”, the store was founded in 1970 and has been offering bargain goods for its customers ever since. However, the owners did not expect that there would also be an Oscars winner, as company boss Jennifer Kritner reveals to the “Washington Post”: “We think that’s incredible!”

She adds, “Daniel is known for representing his state. I think he wore an Alabama Crimson Tide t-shirt and camouflage poncho that belonged to his grandfather at another event.”

In an interview with, his mother revealed that Scheinert walked this year’s champagne-colored red carpet in a cheap dress and picked up his Oscar as director of “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, and Daniel Scheinert already has the tails heard for years and was not bought specifically for the event.

“Unclaimed Baggage” boss Jennifer Kritner sensed an even bigger deal and also invited Becky Scheinert to a shopping spree for the Oscars. However, that didn’t work out: “She wasn’t able to find the right dress for the occasion, but it was really cool to talk to the family about such a fun topic,” said Kritner.

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