Oscar winner Nicolas Cage (59, “Leaving Las Vegas”) shows teeth: In a “Renfield” trailer, Cage acts as a bloodthirsty Dracula. The horror comedy directed by Chris McKay (“The Tomorrow War”) will be released in US cinemas in mid-April and in Germany at the end of May.

“Renfield” revolves around the eponymous fictional character who appeared in the 1897 novel “Dracula” by writer Bram Stoker (1847-1912). Renfield, Dracula’s blood-drinking servant and henchman, is portrayed by Briton Nicholas Hoult (33, “The Favorite”, “Tolkien”).

In the two-minute trailer, Renfield rebels against his bloodsucker boss after decades of servitude. He wishes for a normal, happy life. The encounter with a resolute traffic police officer (Awkwafina) is probably also to blame for this. But Dracula, with bloodied canines, threatens revenge.

Cage had previously played the notorious bloodsucker in the 1989 horror comedy “Vampire’s Kiss” directed by Robert Bierman.