Actor Timur Bartels (27, “Red Ribbon Club”), who can currently be seen in the Amazon series “Peaceful Christmas”, does not think much of pure contemplation privately. “I think a bit of quarreling and, above all, chaos is somehow part of it. Without this chaos, Christmas would not be a real Christmas and probably far too perfect,” he told the German Press Agency.

The 27-year-old Berliner maintains some traditions for the festival, such as eating raclette. “It developed that way for us because my brother has been vegetarian for a long time and the Christmas goose has therefore been cancelled.”

He also always plays some music before giving presents. “I used to have to play pieces like ‘Für Elise’ on the piano for Santa Claus and now I’m actually always showing my family new songs of mine.”

The actor and singer contributed a song to the comedy’s soundtrack, “A Good Reason.” Alongside Uwe Ochsenkecht and Esther Schweins, he plays Anton, who meets his girlfriend’s parents for the first time at Christmas.