Elegant home game for Helena Christensen (54): The well-known supermodel made an elegant catwalk appearance at the fashion show by Danish fashion designer Stine Goya. The fashion show took place on Wednesday (9 August) as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week, which will continue to attract fashion enthusiasts to the Danish capital until 11 August. Christensen’s catwalk was an absolute highlight for many visitors, as various Instagram stories show.

The native Dane, who was one of the absolute top models in the 90s, presented a light blue, asymmetrical midi dress together with matching shoes in the same shade at the Stine Goya show. Simple make-up and strictly tied back hair emphasized the natural beauty of the 54-year-old.

But the appearance at the fashion show was not only like coming home for Helena Christensen: Appropriately, the fashion show by designer Stine Goya took place in her neighborhood under the title “Homecoming”. The street where the fashion designer lives was transformed into a catwalk for this event.

The audience at the fashion show included two of the most important people in Helena Christensen’s life. In her Instagram story she posted a photo showing her with her Peruvian mother Elsa Christensen and her son Mingus Lucien Reedus (23).

Helena Christensen was born in Copenhagen in 1968. Her father Flemming, a Dane, recently passed away. The supermodel had expressed her grief for her “beloved father” on Instagram in July.