Shocking moment for the folk musician Heino (84) late Saturday evening in Flintsbach, Bavaria, just before the Austrian border. As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the right front tire of his Bentley burst on the highway. His manager Helmut Werner (39) was behind the wheel, and his singing partner Anita Hegerland (62) sat in one of the back seats. Heino himself sat in the passenger seat. Luckily no one was injured.

“It was a shock and we were suddenly standing there at night in the icy cold in the middle of nowhere. Luckily we were right at an exit and we saw a brightly lit hall nearby, where we managed to get to,” Heino explained to the paper. A blessing in disguise for Heino and Co.: The hall was the emergency services headquarters. “We got a coffee there and were able to warm up. The ADAC then towed us away and brought us home safely,” the singer continued.

Heino previously played a concert in Hausham, only his second appearance after the death of his beloved wife Hannelore Kramm (1942-2023). She was also her guardian angel that night, says Heino: “I firmly believe that she is watching over me in heaven. Because it can’t have been a coincidence for me that nothing worse happened here in these weather conditions. Likewise, that Rescue center was so close.” He doesn’t know what else he would have done in this icy cold.

Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures caused chaos on the streets in large parts of southern Germany over the weekend. By Saturday afternoon, for example, almost 50 centimeters of fresh snow had fallen in the Bavarian capital Munich. Large parts of rail transport, as well as buses and trams, stopped operating. Munich Airport also reported that no air traffic would be possible until Sunday. Meanwhile, the police warned the population to avoid driving if possible and to stay at home. The situation eased again on Sunday.