Until the end of 2020, mom Heidi Klum kept her eldest child Leni away from the public eye. Then she presented her offspring with a big joint “Vogue” shoot. Since then, the world has not let Leni Klum out of its sight.

The twenty-year-old has been able to establish herself in the modeling industry over the last four years. She continues to have jobs with her mother, such as the campaigns for the lingerie manufacturer Intimissimi, but also jobs without her model mother, such as for Dior Cosmetics or GHD. But even though Leni Klum has been seen more often in recent years, these facts about the young model are relatively unknown.

Leni’s rootsLeni Klum’s mother is Heidi Klum, the model is German, her father Flavio Briatore, an Italian sports manager. Leni’s parents were separated when she was born. Heidi gave birth to her daughter in New York, so little Klum had American citizenship from birth. She grew up in America and lived most of her life in Los Angeles, now studying in New York. During her pregnancy and after her separation from Briatore, Heidi met and fell in love with the singer Seal. He adopted the little girl and was her father figure from then on. Seal had three more children with Heidi Klum and another son after his marriage to the model. Leni’s full name is: Leni Olumi Klum. The Nigerian middle name Olumi is a tribute to her stepfather Seal’s roots.

Leni Klum has been officially in a relationship with Aris Rachevsky since 2021. Leni publicly presented her love for the first time at the film premiere of “The Harder They Fall”. And there’s a fun fact: Leni’s friend Aris has a fascinating family tree. His roots go back to the tsarist family, as reported in “Glamour”. His mother Rhea works as an artist’s agent in Hollywood, while his father Spiros Poros is a well-known photographer. His maternal grandmother, Zina Rachevsky, was a prominent It girl in the 1950s, and his great-grandmother was the heiress of a wealthy banker. In addition, his great-grandfather Vladimir’s sister was married to the Russian prince Boris Vladimirovich, who in turn was related to Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Leni’s styleLeni herself told “Instyle” that her and her mother Heidi’s clothing style is very different. “My mother loves combining different colors and shapes, while I prefer neutral tones.” Leni Klum is also said to be 1.63 meters tall, whereas her model mother is 1.76 meters tall.

Leni’s understanding of beautyHeidi Klum’s daughter has a partner tattoo. Three dots decorate the inside of her finger. They represent the connection to her intimate relationship with Tom Kaulitz, Heidi’s husband, and his twin brother Bill. Leni herself once said in an Instagram story that she wanted to get a partner tattoo in her mouth with her boyfriend Ari – Mama Klum should have banned. Brave, modern and cool, Leni Klum often appears on Instagram without make-up, even with sunburn and often with acne.

Lenis CharityHeidi’s daughter is incredibly fond of animals, grew up with dogs and got a dog with her boyfriend a few months ago. She is also environmentally conscious. With her first self-earned $50,000 she bought a forest with the project name “Klumforest”. Heidi added the same amount again. The vision behind this project is to create our own forest. Leni explained on Instagram: “It’s up to us to address the challenges of the climate crisis. That’s why I donated $50,000 of my own money to plant trees.”

Leni’s JobThe twenty-year-old decided to study interior design in New York after graduating from high school. She has always had a passion for beautiful aesthetics when it comes to furnishings. In an interview with “Instyle” she revealed: “When I still lived at home, I gave my mother new decoration suggestions at least once a week.” In addition to her studies, the model also works jobs. She usually tries to schedule shoots in the early morning hours or on the weekend.

Leni’s connection to Germany Leni is the only one of the Klum children who speaks German fluently in addition to English. The model regularly visited her grandparents in Germany and even lived in Berlin for a while during the lockdown because her mother was filming a TV show there. However, moving to Germany is out of the question for the half-German woman. She told Glamor magazine: “Phew, I don’t know. But I don’t think I could move somewhere where I don’t like the food. (…) All these sausages. And I don’t like dumplings either. It’s completely different than what I eat here. I’m just not used to it.”

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