It’s a rumor that’s causing heated debates: Heidi Klum (50) is said to only eat 900 calories a day – far too little for an adult woman. Klum himself rejected the rumors in an Instagram story as “totally crazy” and is now also receiving support from “America’s Got Talent” colleague Sofia Vergara (51).

In a joint interview, Vergara half-jokingly told Klum: “That can’t be true, you come into my dressing room and eat my sandwiches and other things.” Moderator Terry Crews (55) agreed: “I think so.”

Klum was outraged by the claim: “I’ve never counted calories in my life. I hate it when people come out with lies like that, especially because there are probably a lot of people who read something like that and then say, oh, if she does it, then so do I.”

When it comes to the health of other people, Klum continues, it is important to take a clear position. “It’s not even about me, it’s about those who might try something like this and become way too thin.” According to the 50-year-old, 900 calories would be crazy: “I would look like a toothpick.”

The rumor came up because Klum got on the scales in an Instagram story and publicly announced her weight: 62 kilos at 1.76 meters. She also said that she ate “poached eggs in warm chicken broth” for breakfast.