Everything looks more beautiful in the soft light of the evening sun: the “Golden Hour Make-up” beauty trend picks up on this phenomenon and uses radiant tones to ensure an aesthetic glow on the face. This look is getting pretty hyped on TikTok right now. This accounts for the viral TikTok trend, which celebrities such as actress Sophie Turner (27) and model Nina Agdal (31) have also discovered for themselves.

Essentially, the “Golden Hour Make-up” imitates the effect of the famous golden hour on the skin. A radiant and luminous glow is created with the help of warm, shimmering and bronze-colored products, as makeup artist J Guerra explains in an interview with online lifestyle magazine Who What Wear. The right make-up and skin care products make the skin glow.

When it comes to make-up, the trend at the moment is generally towards more natural looks that do not require high coverage and emphasize natural beauty. “Golden Hour Make-up” can be easily implemented at home with just a few products and in simple steps: Make-up products in bronze tones can be used on the one hand, but peach and gold tones also help to create an ethereal shine and a create a glowing complexion.

The first and most important step in creating a makeup that reflects the glow of the golden hour on the skin is skin care. First, the skin should be prepared with moisturizing cream and a nourishing serum, which creates the perfect basis for the make-up that follows. The moisturizing foundation makes the skin look smoother and softer and the other products can be applied easily.

In the second step, a flawless complexion is created with a light foundation. This should be worked in with a moistened beauty blender so that the product melts into the skin and the natural character of the look is enhanced. With the help of a concealer, the eye area can be brightened or skin imperfections can be partially covered.

Afterwards, a bronzer can be used to set luminous highlights on the outer edges of the face and on the cheekbones. In combination with gentle rouge, a diffuse and soft effect is created that defines the “Golden Hour Make-up” look.

Finally, the shine of the sun is imitated with highlighter. The highlights should be applied where the sun would also naturally hit the face – for example on the bridge of the nose or in the middle of the eyelids. In general, the eye make-up should be kept rather simple with this look. The lips can be staged with nude colored lipstick or lip balm.