As a child, “WaPo Bodensee” actor Tim Wilde (57) could not imagine experiencing the year 2020. “We should write an essay at school: “How do we see each other in 2020?” – and my essay was short: “I’m dead.” I also got a tough 5 for it,” said the wild man who grew up in Stralsund a PR interview.

Today the actor sees it completely differently: “I’m working on aging with dignity. When I get up in the morning, I have the feeling that I have to adjust everything and collect the individual parts. This little ailment story isn’t so nice when I’m old.”

age is only a number

Conventional medicine does not exactly build it up, as Wilde further reported. “The doctor has been saying: ‘You’re not the youngest anymore’ since I was 50. That’s probably a magic number. Doctors learn during their studies that things go downhill from 50. If only the doctors didn’t always remind me , I don’t even think I’m 57. I started learning English at 53 and got my pilot’s license at 54.”

Wilde has now completed a blood test and sent it in to find out his biological age. The result is still pending. “I’ve never felt as old as I really was. Inside I feel like I’m 36. Of course I’m hoping that the test will tell me: Not a day older than 35.”

Since 2018, the Berliner Wilde can be seen in the ARD pre-evening series “WaPo Bodensee”. The episodes are currently airing on One. Viewers also know the busy actor from many other roles, including as the superior of Hamburg “Tatort” investigator Nick Tschiller, played by Til Schweiger.