Hopefully Harry Styles (30) now has peace and quiet from a stalker. A woman from Brazil has now been sentenced to prison by a court in Great Britain after pleading guilty, several British media outlets reported on April 18.

As the “Independent” writes, among others, the 35-year-old woman must serve 14 weeks in prison and also follow an injunction that bans her from attending events at which Harry Styles appears for ten years. In addition, the stalker is prohibited from contacting the British singer and actor directly or indirectly and from entering a specific area in northwest London. In addition, the woman had to pay a small fine of just over 155 euros.

According to reports, the stalker is from Brazil and traveled to England last December. After her arrival, she sent the singer a total of around 8,000 cards and handwritten letters – apparently to his home address. According to the prosecution, the cards also included wedding cards. Two of the letters were delivered personally, as the public prosecutor previously explained.

Harry Styles is one of the most successful young stars in the country. The interpreter of hits such as “Watermelon Sugar” has also appeared on the big screen again and again in recent years. In “Don’t Worry Darling” in 2022, for example, he played alongside Florence Pugh (28).