He is attractive, incredibly successful and not only has a creative talent in music. Harry Styles has released a new music video for his single “Satellite,” in which he once again showcases his talent for creative storytelling. With the help of director Aube Perrie, with whom the pop singer also wrote the screenplay, he tells the love story of a robot vacuum cleaner with plenty of charm and brains.

Because the main actor of the video is not Styles himself, but a small robot vacuum cleaner, which bears quite a resemblance to the Pixar robot “WALL E” from the 2008 film of the same name. As in the film, Harry’s robot falls madly in love with another android – in the case of Styles’ music video, the Mars rover Curiosity, the heart of NASA’s Mars mission, which carries around all scientific instruments and important communication systems in space.

The robot sees this for the first time in a documentary on television. Love is so great that he embarks on a journey across the United States to find Mars Rover Curiosity. He drives through concert halls (of course those of Harry Styles), over rainy thoroughfares, through the Utah desert, past Monument Valley to the other end of the country. But in the end his search is in vain.

With Styles, “Stomper”, as the musician himself christened the robot, finally lies on a meadow in front of the NASA building at night and looks up into the sky – to the planet Mars and his great love. Shortly thereafter, his lights go out – the battery of “Stomper” is empty. Incidentally, the name “Stomper” goes back to Styles’ well-known dance moves on the song “Satellite”, which his fans have dubbed “Satellite Stomper”. During the song’s chorus, Styles would typically jump across the stage and stomp from one foot to the other.

After just 24 hours, Styles’ new clip already has more than 5.5 million views – even though you hardly see the singer himself in it. The story of “Stomper” reflects not only the title “Satellite” but also the content of the song in an unexpected, sophisticated way.

Because Styles sings about wanting to get closer to someone far away. In the refrain “spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in”, Styles expresses the longing for connection, closeness and touch. The rotating satellite symbolizes the attempt to finally get closer, but keeps missing the right connection. The physical (and interpersonal) distance cannot be overcome. Waiting for the hoped-for meeting is in vain – “don’t you know that I am right here?”

By the way, if you want to overcome the distance to the singer after this number, you can soon do it yourself. From May 13, the singer will continue his “Love On” tour, during which he can also be seen in Germany. On May 17th, 18th and 19th the world star will appear in the Olympic Stadium in Munich, in June and July he will come to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main.