Hair: very short. Eyebrows: plucked ultra thin. Her top: smeared with dirt. A look that very few US reality star Kim Kardashian would associate with. Current photos of her for the magazine “CR Fashion Book” are all the more surprising.

In an Instagram post of its latest cover, she calls “CR Fashion Book” “this generation’s groundbreaking muse, redefining what it means to inspire.” Some of the photos taken by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen also show Kim Kardashian with smeared makeup and glasses.

It is unclear whether the reality star really underwent a type change or whether the short hairstyle is just a wig. Regardless, her look is being discussed by many people online. While her fans celebrate the pictures in the comments section, others find him “boring”. One user points out that it probably took a huge team (which is listed individually and by name in the post’s caption) “to make her look like a ‘normal’ person.”

In addition, Kim’s look is often compared in the comment column with that of Bianca Censori, the new woman at her ex-husband Kanye West’s side. “It’s giving Bianca,” comments one user. Censori had her long dark hair cut off at the beginning of the year and presented herself with a short hairstyle.

But that’s not all: the first memes of Kim’s new look are already circulating on social media. One juxtaposes an older – rather inconspicuous – picture of her with the current “CR Fashion Book” cover, with the words “Before Berlin” and “After Berlin” above it.

Sources: Instagram post Kim Kardashian, Cosmopolitan

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