No new happiness in love for Harald Glööckler (58)? The fashion designer had often appeared in the company of CDU politician Marc-Eric Lehmann (26) in the past few months. “Marc is a very, very important person in my life. We have a very loving relationship,” enthused the 58-year-old. But the happiness seemed to be short-lived. Glööckler has now found clear words for the “Bild” newspaper about his current relationship status.

“Marc and I still get along very well, but I’ve found in the last few weeks that after 35 years of relationship I’m just not ready to commit again,” explains the 58-year-old. After separating from his estranged husband Dieter Schroth (74), Lehmann “gave him the feeling that he wasn’t alone” and showed him that he could be happy again. For that he will always be grateful. “But as of today, I’m single,” Glööckler clarifies. “Quite apart from that, life by my side is certainly not easy either.”

The young politician himself also commented on the side of the designer at the time: “The last few weeks have been intense. I had absolutely no idea what it meant to be the man next to Harald Glööckler – especially in terms of media attention.” That was not well received in his party, said Lehmann. Nevertheless, he is grateful to Glööckler for the experience. “I would now like to devote more time to my political work and I’m sure that Harald and I will remain friends, even if we didn’t become a couple.”

In his documentary “Harald Glööckler sucht das Glück” (Wednesdays, 8.15 p.m. on RTLzwei) you can see, among other things, a joint trip by the two men to Las Vegas. The documentary soap provides many insights into the extravagant everyday life of the designer.