The famous German film composer and two-time Oscar winner Hans Zimmer (65) asked for the hand of his girlfriend Dina De Luca during a concert. Apparently he didn’t want to come out directly with the fact that he wanted to propose to his partner.

During a show at London’s O2 Arena, he first surprised the audience and his girlfriend by inviting De Luca onto the stage, according to a report by the British BBC. “Why did I bring you up here?” Zimmer asked. “I wanted to ask you something really important. Did you lock the back door? Is the milk in the fridge? Do we have sorbet in the freezer?”

With a “Will you marry me?” (Eng. “Will you marry me?”) he then redeemed the audience and his partner. This seems to have accepted the application, as shown in a video that can be seen on the BBC. As the crowd applauds, De Luca nods and hugs Zimmer. There is also a kiss. After the application, Zimmer then reportedly returned to his music. He played “Time” from the soundtrack of the blockbuster “Inception”.

It will be Zimmer’s third marriage. By 1992 he was married to his ex-wife Vicki Carolin. According to media reports, he filed for divorce from his second wife Suzanne Zimmer in 2020. He has four children from the two marriages.

Zimmer has already won two Oscars for his compositions. At the 67th Academy Awards in 1995 he was recognized for his music to “The Lion King” and in 2022 for “Dune”. In addition, Zimmer has received numerous other awards in his long career. He also owns four Grammys.